Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A New Day..........

I feel bad about the content of my last several posts. Not sorry that I posted them but sorry that they were all such downers. I PRAY that things return to 'normal'. With all that said, and I thank you all for sticking with me/by me, here is a post with a different 'attitude'.

Even though I may not be as 'vocal' as I once was, I still read most everyone's blogs. I read 'Elles' this morning. Evidently, most thought she was a recovering lesbian  had been searching her whole life for a husband or something. Honestly, I am very surprised that the masses had forgotten she had been married....especially the part of when she finally got divorced (Uh....that part lasted longer than the actual marriage, didn't it? ;) Anyhow, she was right about one thing........if all that hadn't happened then there wouldn't of been an 'Elle & Efen' chapter...for which I will always be grateful. WHAT...you don't remember her posting about that either! Geez............. WTF??? FOCUS, people!!!

I'm becoming aware that technology has evidently passed me by. Everyone it seems (as I have been told) is doing the Facebook and Twitter thing in lieu of devoting much of their time to their blogs. Am I gonna get on board.....fuck no. I tried that FB thing once, didn't care for it. Twitter....fuck that too. When I have something to say I'm not going to be limited to 20 fucking words (or whatever the limit is). All that means is I'd have to (and I HATE this fuckin term) 'tweet' repeatedly and my attention span ain't all that fucking great. So, I'll live in the 'past', doin what I know how to do.

My daughter finally moved into my parents house, later than expected but when you're waiting on contractors to finish their fucking work, you're pretty much at their mercy. Funny though, as soon as the guy was done, he sent me a text..."Think I can come by and pick up a check?" My text to him "Think I can pay you in the same timeframe that it took you to finish?" Fucker.

She loves the house, loves the fact it was her grandparents and that my Mother was thrilled with the idea of her moving in. I thought she may get a little freaked at times and maybe she does but hasn't let on. It's different living in a house by yourself rather than an apartment or a condo, especially when you're a girl. But..she does have her 85# lab there and he does have one fucking fierce sounding bark. I thought about giving her one of my guns, whichever ones she wanted (more for my piece of mind, I think) but until I have given her complete safety training and shooting lessons, I think its best not to..............yet. She has really good neighbors, neighbors who depended on my Dad for years to help them do shit and to borrow one of the gazillion tools that he had. They've already assured me that they'll keep an eye on her.......much to my daughters great despair ;)

I did have a few things to rant and rave about but thought this post should be a 'kinder, gentler, Efen post'. Whew.....glad thats out of the way :)