Thursday, July 1, 2010

Used To Be..........

Truthfully, I have no idea what the fuckin problem is with my lack of 'blog participation'. It seems like my 'participation' in pretty much everything has been off as of late. A few examples:

Used to be: Worked in the yard, a lot. That 'best lawn' thing really meant sumthin

Now: Cut the fuckin thing once a week, trim maybe every 2 weeks. If its not 'the best', who gives a fuck

Used to be: Enjoyed my 'downtime' playing on-line computer games..nightly. It relaxed me....seriously.

Now: Use it to check my e-mail and baseball scores/stats. Occasionally 'borrow' some music I want. Haven't played a game on-line in a couple of months and don't miss it one fuckin bit..even 'porn surfing' has been effected.

Used to be: Spent at least one day a week fixing something (or overseeing it get fixed) at my daughters/parents house. Making sure things were good was as important there as at my house

Now: Drop by every couple of weeks with either little or no intention of making sure everything is in working order. Did try to fix a leaking outside faucet only to end up watching it leak more after I 'fixed' it. So, I hooked up the hose to it and moved it out in the back yard so it didn't leak next to the house. I know..I'm still trying to grasp this myself.

Used to be: Watched every fucking detail of what went on here at work and 'reacted' accordingly.

Now: Pretty much operating under the illusion that the people I have in their jobs are doing things correctly and that they know the company needs to make a profit.

Used to be: Looked forward to planning some late summer/early fall mini-vacation.

Now: Not worth the hassle and the aggravation. Even the baseball trip I just got back from, had fun but the 'pre-trip' excitement just wasn't there.

Used to be: Enjoyed sending Elle dirty texts

Now: Figure I'm just bothering her

Used to be:  S-E-X.........always on my mind, always wanting to do sumthin about it

Now: Now this only came about in the last month or so because just prior, it was totally the opposite..but frankly, at the moment, I'm really not all that interested.

I'm really hoping I'm going through a 'phase' but deep-down, I'm not so sure. Even Mrs. Efen commented, as recently as this morning, that she's alittle concerned about my lack of interest in anything fun. I would have liked to have been able to debate that with her and 'used to be', I would have. But 'now'............................

As one of my favorite all-time actors said.."With my sunglasses on, I'm Jack Nicholson. Without them, I'm fat and 60."

Now..thats insightful ;)