Friday, May 21, 2010

Life in Pictures

Tabby's Going To Enter Him In Another Show

Mom Is So Proud!

Only the 'Head' Buckaroo Gets To Wear The Coat

Must Be A 'French' Thing

Guess Who's Pissed Because He Forgot His Shorts?

Boy, That Dog Looks Gay

Nothing Says 'Congratulations' Like Having Your Boob Squeezed

I Think Dad Enjoyed This Family Outing Alittle Too Much

Mom Was Too Embarrased To Fully Participate

Dad Showin 'His Girls' The Proper Technique

Evidently, Skippy Has Issues

If You're Happy And You Know It, Clap Your Hands!

Ahhh..Christmas Memories

Monday, May 3, 2010

WTF..Am I 17 again??

I know its been quite awhile. Blame Elle....she got me into that 'twit' fuckin thing, which I admit, because of my extremely short attention span, I kinda like it. I mean I like it until you have more than one thought, then you're fucked. Uh..I guess that means I haven't had more than 1 thought in over a fuckin month...yeah, sounds about right. As a matter of fact, thats pretty much what this post is all about.

Lately...and how do I type this out w/o sounding like some back-alley perv....ok, lately, I've been fairly  strongly obsessed with S-E-X. Which, surprise me because I thought I was pretty obsessed before. But sheesh...its gettin fairly ridiculous. Before (and several of my female readers will attest) I would always drop 'hints' about seeing boobs and the such, which I considered pretty fuckin normal for a guy..and still do. But...there was always room in my brain for other shit the last month, not so fuckin much. It's like I'm a pimply-faced fuckin teenager again (ok...I made up that 'pimply' thing..somehow I dodged that)

It just seems wherever I look, I'm always finding some girl who strikes me as extremely 'do-able'. Again, not far off the norm but at a higher level than before. There isn't anything really specific that I can say to illustrate my, er...uh..point (see?)....maybe its just a mental thing. I mean I'm not surfing porn any more than I did before, not making any more sexual innuendos to the girls at SV than I did before ( be honest, there is a chick there (looks amazingly like a Kate Hudson and/or Ellen Barkin) who has been very 'friendly' and quite open about the things she likes and how much I would enjoy the things she does. Again, not blowing my own horn (see.....again) but this isn't something that hasn't occurred before so thats not the reason.

I'll admit, and it isn't like me to be this frank, but I find myself in an 'uncomfortable' position quite often...and, as only known to a select few one few, I then I have to take certain precautions (sorry for being cryptic but fuck, it is my blog..and NO, it isn't what you're thinking..geez..your minds;) so it doesn't become embarrassing. Again, not anything that unusual but the frequency of it is.

I know how intelligent my readers are (if there's any left) so I thought maybe someone could offer some insight to my dilemma, problem, issues, whatthefuckever you wanna call it. Hey, you have my attention (fuck...see, again).