Sunday, May 31, 2009

I've Missed You Guys!!!

(This is going to be long, I feel)

Unlike my beloved Elle....I WILL apologize for 'falling off the face of the earth'. I do want y'all to know that the text I sent her was in response to her text asking "where the fuck I've been?" Too me, thats alittle like the 'pot calling the kettle Laura' ;)

1st, a HUGE shout out to Loni for her 'milk carton' thingy...I laughed my efen ass off at that!! thanks to Elle for giving me the heads up on that :) Very creative, Loni!! :) :)

I tried to do some catching up on 'blog world' this morning and I found some things that makes me sad:

Trish....hang in there honey. Things have a way of working themselves out! EVERYONE goes through some rocky periods and after awhile, cooler heads do prevail. You're in my thoughts and I'm sure things will turn around sooner than later.

'The Girl'.....? Okay, I have no idea where she went, just that her blog is gone. I have my suspicions but no way to confirm them. 'R'.......If you're reading this, I hope you're okay sweetie and you have my love. If you can, send me an e-mail to let me know how you are.....okay?

To J-Fab, Kitch, TGG, ETW (and everyone else).....caught up some on your blogs and I'm glad to see y'all seem to be doing good :) J-Fab still certainly a MILF....uh..sorry, got carried away there ;) You look beautiful...really!! i-phone...very HIP :) And...the 'donor thing'...even hipper :) TGG....You ought to have your own 'Travel Network' show!'re coming to St. Louis, huh? I'm sure you'll be pressed for time but if our schedules coincided, it would be cool to meet!! you EVER have any free time?? BTW.....uh..I didn't see any 'current' cleavage pics...just sayin ;)

I'm sure y'all are wondering WTF the picture above is all about. As you can's really yellow ;) and it happens to be a '68 Pontiac GTO. I've dreamed of owning this car since I was a teenager....and now it seems it may actually happen...and I can't believe it. Me, owning a true 'muscle' car :) I found it on-line and it currently resides in Ohio. I've spoken to the owner a couple of time and while theres a few minor details to get worked out, I've agreed to buy it from him (sent him a down payment yesterday). Hopefully in a week or so 'my dream' will be parked in my driveway. Damn...if I coulda pulled this off years ago, what a 'chick magnet' this woulda been ;) Now, I just have to figure out the besy way for me to get it here...fuckin Ohio...600 hundred fuckin miles away...oh well.

Dad Update: He's now concluded his 2nd set of chemo treatments (2 treatments 2x a week for 2 weeks, then a week off equals 1 set). Last week was his 'off week' but I had to take him in Thursday for blood tests. The result of this test was that he needed a transfusion and he had that Friday. Evidently its 'par for the course' because the chemo does not discriminate between 'good' cells and 'bad' cells' and his red blood count was too low. Hopefully, this will give him his strength back some. He hasn't had any negative side effects from the chemo, which is great, but his kidneys haven't shown much improvement as of yet. We'll find out more from the latest blood test tomorrow when we meet with the Dr. They did say it may take 3-4 rounds of treatment before it helps. I'm praying that the results tomorrow do show its doing what its supposed to.

Seriously, the main reason I haven't been around is my schedule is so fucked up. With all the Dr. visits etc, helping out at my parents house and doing things they aren't able to at this point, I'm having to play 'catch up' at work, pretty much on a daily basis. This in turn puts me behind on the shit I need to do at my house so much of my spare time is taken up by all the routine and normal crap. I'm not whining here (Efen does not fucking whine ;) just stating the facts so you don't think I've blown y'all off ;) Uh.....a hot chick at SV did show me her boobs the other day so that pretty well keeps my world intact ;);)

Hope everyone is fine and don't let Elle's latest 'I'm finally posting again' blog fool ya...thats all bullshit ya know ;)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I know, I know...."just who the fuck does he think he is.....dropping in, dropping out, dropping in?" I hear y'all and I'm in total agreement. I realize, I ain't 'Elle' (whom evidently, can 'come and go' (hehe) as she pleases ;)

First, I have been lurking....some but admittedly, not a great deal, so I'm sure I'm 'out of the proverbial loop'. If I've missed anything (good or bad) that I should know about, just tell me when you posted and I promise I'll go back and catch up.

I don't really have any excuses but, I have been doing something that I thought I was waaaaay fuckin past and that is working. In case you haven't read a fuckin paper or watched the news on TV in the last 8 fuckin months....the economy pretty well blows. So, drastic times call for drastic measures.....which is why I've been spending a ton of time making sure 'we' (the fucks who work for me, I mean) are operating as fucking efficiently as possible and delivering in every way, shape, and form the things our customers expect. That goes from my salesman all the way to that broad I pay money to answer the phones and whothefuckknows what else she does.

I've had several 'Walk with Jesus' talks to a couple of my employees. I have a 'newer' salesman, been here about a year. Even though he had 'background' in our business, he's pretty much a prima donna little fuck. "His" way is always the better way......and he has totally ignored the last two things I told him to make sure he did on a couple of jobs, jobs which he lost, but of course it wasn't his fault. Now, I may not know everything, but I do know whats involved with selling and what you need to do to make sure that you have an 'edge' over your competitor. It's not easy but but there are steps you have to make sure you do. Taking shortcuts will not fuckin cut it. And he's a 'short-cut' kinda guy.

Anyhow, I call him in my office and basically say "WTF???...maybe 15 fuckin times. You can say just about anything to me (which doesn't mean I'm going to buy it) but fucking NEVER say to me "I don't know". If you don't fucking know why you did something a certain (and fucked up) way, then who the fuck else is going to? I told this guy, whom I'll call 'Skippy', that the next fucking time I tell him to do something and he doesn't...he's fucking fired on the spot. He then proceeds to tell me he thought what he chose to do was better. I proceed to tell him that while he may of thought so, there's one fucking opinion that matters and it ain't his. Oh...and I also told him he had til the end of June. If he hasn't improved there's a gazillion people out there right now looking for jobs. Hey, I don't fire people, they fuckin fire themselves.

Dad Update: Doing well so far. No adverse side-effects and he does seem like he's feeling some better. Still early but thats how it is to-date.

Bathroom Update: Ok, before I said I liked it, which I do but fuck, the mfer ain't done yet. Just odds and end shit that evidently the contractor doesn't feel its worthwhile to get the shit done. Well, he may have felt like that before I called him this morning. I think when I said "You know the balance of the money I owe you...well, I'm instituting a 'late penalty'. Beginning a week from today, for every fucking day its not done, I'm deducting $250". WTF?? This is shit he could knock out in a day or two. Now we're still waiting on the tile company to come back and put 1" tile/pewter square fuckin thingys on the fucking wall around the mirrors, but that ain't his fault. I've got some of their money too. Geez......I would think they know what kind of prick I can be...I mean, they have met me.

Hope all is well with everyone and as soon as I get things settled abit, I'll be back around.