Friday, April 17, 2009

Hey All.............

Sorry for my absence....there's just been so much going on that honestly, I just haven't had the energy...not even 'lurking' much. Hopefully that will right itself in the not too distant future.

Quick update on my Dad. He started his IV Chemo treatment yesterday. Thankfully, he's on the 'short program' which means he's in and out of there in about 30 minutes. So far (knocking on wood) he hasn't had any major side-effects. I know its only been 1 treatment but since the Chemo goes right into his bloodstream, I'm thinking that any side-effects would have occurred fairly quickly...we'll see, I guess. He goes 2x per week, Mondays and Thursdays. He outlook is still great and I'm praying that the Chemo works and that he doesn't get sick.

I am fuckin, I'm beyond pissed..I am so fuckin mad that if I could, I'd have a fucker whacked.

Last night, 9:15 PM, the phone rings. Now maybe to y'all, 9:15 ain't late, but too me, if you're callin at that time, it had better be for a good fuckin reason.

I see on the Caller ID that its from some 'marketing company'. Okay, have to admit, I fuckin LOVE to take these low-life motherfuckers on..I sorta live for this shit. I answer and this LLMF starts with "Hello..We're doing a survey". Thats as far as he got.

Me: Stop right there...I'm on the No Call List.
LLMF: That doesn't apply to us. We're not selling anything
Me: I don't give a fuck. Do you know what fuckin time it is?
LLMF: NO....I don't
Me: Too fuckin stupid to tell time?
LLMF: (brief silence)
Me: I'm going to register a complaint with the Missouri Attorney Generals Office tomorrow....they love to take companies like yours on.
LLMF: Go ahead....knock yourself out.
Me: Fuck you, you jackoff prick.
Me: (I repeated it)
LLMF: ...Click....

Now, I don't normally go off to this degree but what the fuck, calling after 9:00? I had been up since 5:00 and I was in bed (with the TV on) and was in no fuckin mood.

10 minutes later.........RING.......RING.....RING.......

ARE YOU FUCKIN KIDDING ME????? It's the same prick calling back.

LLMF: ....Click....

5 minutes passes...RING.......RING......

ME: MOTHERFUCKER......YOU HAVE NO FUCKIN IDEA WHO YOU'RE FUCKIN WITH!(Like I could do anything and like he gave a fuck)
LLMF: I'm going to keep calling until you show me respect.

I thought I was gonna stroke out. I don't remember when I have been this pissed...pissed to a point where if possible, I would do something that woudn't be good.

Me: Since you're such a fuckin bad-ass with a telephone, I can't stop you......yet. BUT you little pussy, I fuckin guarantee you that I will do everything I fuckin can to find about about you're bullshit company and hopefully, in the process, find about about you. Then motherfucker, you'll see that you're not fuckin with someone who 'hopes' shit just goes away.
LLMF: ...Laughs....
Me: ...Click....

I turned off the ringer on the bedroom phone. I checked the caller ID this morning, the motherfucker did call back....2 more times. The last being at 10:50 PM.

I am not done with this. Oh....BTW...if you see this number on your Caller prepared: 858-428-3213. They go by the names of 'Directions In Research' or 'Market Research'.

Uh....maybe another week then I'll have bathroom pics to post. Gotta admit....I like it ;)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sort of an Update..

Dad and I met with the Hematologist/Oncologist yesterday. The Dr. said there two main types of treatment available. One is chemo through an IV, twice a week, 30 minutes per. The other is 'pill form'. While the latter sounds perfect, turns out it has more side effects than the IV method, plus the IV way is a little more aggressive. At this point I'm sure the 'IV Method' is going to be the choice. He has one more test, a bone marrow biopsy, this Thursday. By this time next week, I'm sure the IV thing will be all scheduled. I still marvel at Dad's inability to be fazed.

I'm sure y'all are on 'pins and needles' regarding the progress of the bathroom. Actually, except for some small finishing details (and painting) it should be done this week. I'll wait until the painting is done to post some pics. And....I'm pretty pleased ;)

Now....I have an 'issue'. My fuckin HP printer at home quit working, well, it will print in color but won't print in black. So, I figured even though I had replaced the black cartridge less than 3 months ago, it needed replacing again. So, go out and spend $22 fuckin dollars for a cartridge, pop in and....................nothing..not one fucking thing. Spend some time trying to clean the printer head, again, nothing. Then, I did what I dread and truthfully, what I know fuckin better to do...I called 'Support'. I was on the fuckin phone with 'them' for 1 hour and 17 minutes, and here's the 'best part', not once was I able to tell anyone what the fuck the problem was. I spoke to...ready...13 FUCKIN MORONS!. Every mothafuckin time I was transferred to the wrong fucking department!

Sounds impossible doesn't finally got to the point (after about person #6) that I would cut them off and ask if this was the Dept. for PhotoSmart D-series printer...and I would get "No, I'll transfer you". Then it went like this, repeatedly:

Me: Noooo, DO NOT TRANSFER ME! I'll end up in the wrong place again!!

Support Idiot: No Sir...I promise you I'll see you get to the right Dept...and I'm sorry for your frustration.

Me: Thats what the others have said. I want to talk to your Supervisor!

SI: Sir...I can transfer you. Its not hard to do.

Me: Well it must be cuz I never get there.

SI: Sir, I promise you. I'll even stay on the line to make sure.

Me: Uh..alright then.

Sure the fuck enough, I get put back through 'transfer hell' again...wrong fuckin deparment...again, and that fucker lied about staying on the line.

Me: Stop right there...I've talked to 12 other idiots in over an hour, 2 have flat out lied to me. I want to talk to your Supervisor..NOW!

SI: Sir..I realize your frustrated, but I can help you.

Me: You don't have a clue how fuckin frustrated or pissed I am. I want your Supervisor..I'm done with you.

SI: Supervisor won't be able to help you.

Me: he stupid?

SI: (silence......) sir, thats not the reason.

Me: Then he's incompetent? Like the 12 other people I have spoke to prior to you?

SI: Sir....I'm gonna transfer you to the right department..I promise and I'll stay on the line just to show you that we understand your frustration.

Me: Fuck this and fuck your company. I'm gonna throw the fuckin thing in the trash and buy something else.

SI: Sir..there really is no need for that language.

Me: You fuckin serious? If there's one thing that is needed is this type of fuckin language. Ya see, me being nice for over an hour hasn't accomplished one fuckin thing. You 'being sorry' doesn't accomplish one fuckin thing. Understanding my frustration hasn't accomplished one fucking thing. Bottom line is that you fuckin people don't give a shit, just hit that fuckin 'transfer' button, then you're done, on to the next poor fuckin asshole. Well...if my language offended you then I do have to say...."Too fuckin bad and I apologize for your frustration!".

I hung the fucking thing up. Hmmm....I wonder what Best Buy has on sale?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hi Y'all ;)

No, my dear Elle, this was not a 'test'...sheesh....I'm waaaay above cheap theatrics ;)

Not sure 'how back' I am, we'll see.

Here's the deal.......My Dad is sick and honestly, that has taken some of my 'drive' away. Two weeks ago he had a kidney biopsy and a full CT scan. Today, we got the results..which pretty much confirmed what the Kidney Specialist thought.

He has a type of blood cancer, Myloma (or according to the fuckin idiot girl who signed him in later today for a battery of x-rays...Melanoma...geezus...I'm correcting her). The good news, no, make it great news, is that the CT Scan came back totally clear :)

Don't know all the particulars as of yet because we still have to see a Hematologist (thats a blood doctor to those of you that went to school in Missouri ;) But...unless I have this all fucked up, it appears to be either somewhat treatable or somewhat manageable. Still depends on a a few factors but at this point, that what I think I know. Evidently, this blood cancer's major 'M.O' is that it clogs up your kidneys, which leads to kidney failure (Or as the Dr's say 'Renal' Why not just say 'kidney')? So, if whatever chemo treatment they decide on works, even 50%, then my Dad can pretty much go about his business. That is, if he gets his strength back, puts back on some those 30 pounds he has lost.......and as I found out later, if the treatment doesn't make him really sick.

The being 'sick' part I found out from my Mother who told me that Dad told her that he WOULD NOT do chemo, he knew too many people that got extremely sick from it and that he was not going to lose his dignity that way, no matter what. Uh....this is 1 freakin day later after he told me, in no uncertain fuckin terms, that he wasn't going to do dialysis. "I am not going to sit there on a hard chair for 4-5 hours a day, at least 3 days a week, with tubes sticking out of me".

In case it hasn't hit you, Dad is a very proud and practical guy....oh yeah, stubborn too. This whole ordeal has barely fazed fact, I'm not sure it has fazed him at all. If he's worried about anything, its about my Mother....oh, and the fact that I have been missing work to take him to the Dr., get their groceries, crap like that. I explained to him thats why I have people working for me and they get fucking paid to run the place when I'm not there...WTF?

Anyhow, since that one level in his blood hasn't risen any (dropped a tad actually) then dialysis isn't on the table right now, thats one battle I don't have to fight. The chemo thing...well....I'm pretty fuckin stubborn myself. Plus, I do have a way with words ;)

Thats the 'Readers Digest' version and I just wanted to keep y'all in 'the loop'. I'll post again when I know something more. I feel alot better than I did when I woke up this morning because I was prepared for the worst.

Hopefully, next time, I'll have an "Efen Rant" to include as well ;) I do have a few things saved up....duh ;)

I did miss you guys :):)