Thursday, February 11, 2010

Don't They Say 'Let Sleeping Dogs Lie?" motherfucks, you have now succeeding in pushing me over the fucking top!

Uh..guess I had better back up abit. Mother's still in the hospital and has been since February 2nd. As I said in my prior post, the ER Doc told me it was a "good thing I got her in when I did, or........"

She is supposed to be released tomorrow but I've been hearing that since last Saturday so we'll see. They're keeping her because of the pneumonia. The CHF is under control though.

Anyhow, when I was told yesterday about her impending release, I contacted the new Nursing Home again, just to make sure I had all my ducks in a row regarding her going there (there was some question if they would have a bed available but now it seems all good to go). Hearing this, I typed up a 'termination' letter to the old nursing home and drove over there. Not only to give them this letter but to get all of her belongings as well.

I go into the Social Workers office and present this letter to her. Now, me and this fuckin bitch don't get along. She's lazy, unprepared, and from what I had come to find out, a fuckin liar. She hates me I think and whatever I did to make her feel like this, I am glad fucking of it. I tell her Mother is not coming back after she's released and tell her I have put it in writing. I have two copies, one for her to sign and hand back to me.

FB: You want me to sign this?

Me: there a problem?

FB: Well, if I'm going to sign my name to something I need to re-read it.

Me: Ok, its one short paragraph, 2 sentences. I'll have a seat if you're gonna need some time.

FB: (After reading it for what seemed like 15 fucking times) Mr. Efen..You do realize that we require a 10 day advance notice if your Mother isn't coming back? That you're responsible for the additional charges related to those 10 days?

Me: (Reminding myself that I have NEVER, EVER, punched a girl in her fat fuckin face)..Ok, If indeed you want to go down that road, then by all means, be my guest. I understand that I owe for the time that Mother has been in the hospital and not here, not a problem. ......BUT..Do YOU realize that the reason that my Mother HASN'T been here is because of the negligence by you and your staff? And.....guess who, if I'm going to be billed another 2 grand, that I'M going to hold responsible for her almost dying? And guess again whom I'm going after to recoup any monies that my Mother may have to pay for being in the hospital for over a week and any other costs associated? Sooooooo, you do what you have to do but believe me Missy, I'll do what I have to do as well. And...just in case you're thinking 'We have attorneys'.....well guess who I pay a retainer fee to each and every damn month?

(If she was so fuckin smart, she would have had me 'initial' the sentence she added to my letter, the one about me being aware of 'early termination fees..dumb, ugly fuckin c#*t......besides, it just so happens its my fuckin nature to live for shit like this, its one motherfuckin thing I excel at, so bring it, bitch)

Got all of Mothers belongings and bid adi-fuckin-os to that place. GawDamn...I just want to be left the fuck alone....... in the fuck is that workin out for me?


The Dish said...

What a cluster fuck of epic proportions. Glad you are getting your Mom moved. I hope the new place is less of a suck.

Jenny Fabulous said...

I am so glad that she is gone from that hell hole. Love "besides, it just so happens its my fuckin nature to live for shit like this, its one motherfuckin thing I excel at, so bring it, bitch." Ha ha.. me, too. Seems like no one has morals these days.. it's all about the mightly dollar. Glad you put it on that biatch!

Warped Mind of Ron said...

Sorry about all the hassles, but glad your mother is going to a better nursing home. I say take that old place to the matt.

Anonymous said...

I love you stickin it to em. These places are a big fucking nightmare from all accounts. Maybe homecare is something to look into?

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I have found that most businesses, when they realize you aren't going to back down, they will finally tire of the headaches and just let it go.

Elle said...

I hate that you're having to go through all this, I know you're exhausted -- but yeah, I have every confidence that you will take care of this in a way that only someone named "Mr. Efen" can :)

Texas Gator Girl said...

holy shit...that's a lotta shit you're going thru! You persevered & so glad your Mother will be in a place that is better than the OTHER shithole. {{{{HUGS}}}}