Thursday, October 30, 2008

Back to "Normal" (Re-Post)

(Ok...I fucked that up...somehow. So, let me start again.....sigh).

I realize that 'normal' is relative, but you get the idea ;)

First, I want to thank everyone, again, for all the compassion that was shown. It's really very cool, and touching, when 'strangers' show you 'the love' :)

I'd also like to congratulate the Phillies....and our resident 'Phanatics', 'the girl' and her sister, Suzie (it's too cool for words, isn't it? :) I thought 'Our Town's Joe Buck did a great job on the telecast. He's one smart guy as well as being one funny fucker, in a very dry way. I was parked next to him last Christmas season at a local mall. Very nice guy...and his wife is pretty hot ;)

Tomorrow, being Halloween, all the girls at "SV" are dressing up (or down) in costumes. I only know the theme of two of them, 'Sexy Nurse' and 'Pocahontas'. I get the former but unless its a 'Poke-a-hontas' thing, I don't get the latter. Anyhow, I'll take my camera and see if i can't get something 'worthwhile' to post ;) Oh, I'm sure the guy we call 'Fat Curt' will be there, wearing the same 'really fuckin hilarious' t-shirt that he's worn every fuckin Halloween for the past 9 years....a 'XXXX' size orange jack-o-lantern lookin thing. Fuck...ok, it was amusing the first 2,3,4,5, times...but man, give it a fuckin rest. It was funny, now you look just plain fuckin stupid.

I liked Halloween as a kid 'cept for those houses that gave you fucked up shit like; apples, oranges, ink pens (wtf?), that shitty 'nickel' candy, which you threw away anyhow, and the absolutely fuckin worst thing of all.....PENNIES! Yeah, just what ever kid wants, a handful of dirty fuckin pennies. All that told me was that these people were too fuckin lazy to go out and get real candy so instead they waited until the last fuckin minute and scrounged around under their fuckin sofa cushions and this is what they came up with. Yes, these people got fucked with...well fuck, afterall it is called 'Trick OR Treat'.

Another thing that got you fucked with was turning your lights off and pretending not to be home. Yeah...even though we were kids, we're not fuckin stupid. Lets see.....its a weeknight (usually), your old, and you're not home....right, we're buying that.

My neighbors across the street pulled that shit for several years, that is until THEY had kids. Now, its like the subdivision is holding a 'Best Dressed Haunted House' contest and they want to win 1st place. I bet they put up a thousand dollars worth of decorations and shit...all that 'inflatable' shit, they even hide speakers in their fuckin bushes so they can regale the rest of the fuckin neighborhood with their collection of 'spooky music'................puhleeze! I don't care for this guy at all, plus his wife is all skinny, no boobs, and has a weird fuckin haircut.

I'd also like to post an 'open message' to the Oriental family that lives down the street: Last year, I let it slide that your 4 kids came to my house for candy, but didn't bother to even put on a fuckin costume, just stood there with their fuckin bags held open. Your kids aren't that little (8-12) that they don't 'know the score'. Plus, you as parents who live in the USA, should 'know the score' as well. I'll still give 'em candy if they don't dress up, but I will fuck with you come spring. You see, thats when you have your 'Annual Garage Sale' and you have to have the subdivision trustee (me) sign off on the permit. So, instead of me signing, you'll get " unerstan".
Hey, its the USA and we have rules....learn 'em.

Happy Halloween, everyone, and remember...don't eat candy and drive ;)


Warped Mind of Ron said...

How normal is "Normal" ?

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Whatever that means, huh? I thought about you and your friend (and his family) often yesterday and again today. {{{Hugs}}} (I almost typed "Jugs" - thought you'd appreciate that).

The Girl said...

Is this normal, this isn't normal? What the fuck !

Efen said...

Sorry...i dont know wtf happened..except nothing got saved and had to start over...fuck, ok, 'normal' for me ;)

Hehehe...'Jugs''re right..I do appreciate that :)

The Girl said...

Awwwwwww, thanks for the Congrats for my Phillies. And the next time you see your wonderful Joe Buck, can you spit in his face please. All he did was talk about Tampa and how we're going back to Florida....Ok, and how about after we won the big Game, he says "Let's talk about Tampa." Let's not fuck head. Let's talk about the team that just won it all.

Sorry had to get that out.

As for Halloween, no costume - no candy is my'll get tricked right off my front porch by my big ass German Shepard Gus.

Me, I'm being "The Girl Drunk on the Porch with the music up too loud partying with the girls" My costume is awesome, it involves my favorite sweats and an Amstel Light.

Efen said...

Geez...I though you'd be all 'Efen I'm so happy, theres nothing you can say thats going to change that at all so I'm going to send you a boob picture'... Hehehe

LMAO @ 'your wonderful Joe Buck, can you spit in his face please'

Well, I may be a little biased and his dad, Jack (who's autograph I have) was the best :)

LOL @ my big ass German Shepard Gus.

Your costume sounds perfect ;)

Elle said...

If he's trying to get a picture of your boobs, he's back to normal alright :)

Efen said...

Elle....while we're on the subject... ;)

The Girl said...

Yeah I can see that Elle - and Efen - If I sent you a boob picture you'd know how great my girls are and you would have nothing left to the imagination. Then what?

YO Adrienne said...

Normal feels so much better... than what - not sure. But, normal is good.

PS - what exactly is normal? I'm not sure that I have ever experienced anything such as this.

Glad you're smiling today.

The Kitchen said...

The trick or treat thing that REALLY pisses Momma off is when adults are holding INFANTS and saying trick or treat for INFANTS!!!
I usually say, "Can the baby eat the candy?" "Uh, no..."
Then Momma proceeds to hand one (repeat ONE) piece of candy to the adult and says "Happy Halloween" and closes the door.
Pisses me off.

Efen said...

the girl: My imagination knows no bounds ;) Plus...I'm pretty sure the Phils won because of my positive karma....That has to be worth something.....Hehe

Trying to: *smile* That made me laugh...and thank you :)

Kitch: You are SOOOOOOOOOO right..I forgot about that scenario. Good...something else that'll piss me off ;)

Warped Mind of Ron said...

Remember it's only polite to share any boob pictures that might come to be in your possession. :)

Efen said...

Geez Ron, IF something like that would occur, you're on your own buddy :)

The Girl said...

Efen: The parade was so awesome it was almost as good as sex !!!! Almost, I said.....

Happy Halloween !!!

The Girl said...

P.S. No sharing Boobie pictures !!! And Efen: yeah you deserve something for your call of the series....let me think and get back to ya on that one.

Efen said...

the girl: Duh....if I 'shared' then that would be the last time anyone ever 'shared' with me....I may be slow, but I aint fuckin stupid!!!

Gator Foodie said...

Glad you're back to "normal" :)-