Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween From My Friend at "SV"

I told y'all 'bout the one costume that was going to be worn today, "Sexy Nurse". Well, she freakin lied.

This was what she wore instead, some stupid Belly Dancer thing.

You just can't trust girls. I am soooooooooooo bummed :(


YO Adrienne said...

so sorry ... hate knowing that you are SO upset over this. It's going to just kill your weekend I know it.

Bummer... I'll be thinking about you, hoping you come out of your depression soon.

Elle said...

Geez, you gonna be ok?

I hate bitches who lie.

Hey, let's all send Efen boob pictures to make him feel better. (Uh,'re exempt.)

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I cry "Foul" - those are store bought!

The Girl said...

Evil Twin's Wife: I was gonna say the same thing. They are so fake,

No wonder she lies Efen, she doesn't even have a real rack.

Hey Elle: Let's have a contest to see if he can tell who is who.

Efen said...

YO Adrienne: Your concern is very appreciated. Sigh....I'll get it over time.

Elle: Thats why I love have the 'bestest' of ideas :)

ETW: Yeah, I know....uh, 'they're' 10 years old...on Monday ;)

the girl: Thats why I love you too! I soooooo love 'contests' :)

Warped Mind of Ron said...

I need to read more of your blog to first figure out how you have these ladies volunteering boob pictures and secondly figuring out exactly where the SV is located. Oh and on the real or not question I always say that if you can hold them in your hand they are real :)

Efen said...

Ron; Geez,,I dont know, I guess its a 'gift' hehe

AND...does it really matter ;)

The Kitchen said...

I thought Anna Nicole was dead! WTF?????????

Elle said...

Yeah, yeah, I get it already...she's hot and she has big fake boobs and she likes to show them to you.

But could ya fuckin' put something NEW up already? Or as you like to text me: "Your fingers broke?"